School Profile

White City Elementary

White City Elementary

Hours: 9:40 a.m. - 4:10 p.m.
Grades: K-5
Zone: Green
Capacity: 534
Mascot: Wildcats
Colors: Blue and yellow

905 W 2nd Street,
Fort Pierce, FL 34982

Phone: 772-468-5840
Fax: 772-467-4067



Principal's Message

Alexandra (Lexi) Laoutas, Principal

It is an honor to be a Principal at White City Elementary. I share the enthusiasm and commitment that our dedicated faculty and staff demonstrate in educating our children.

It is evident that our students want to succeed as they are held to high expectations. Together we can all join to support their efforts in being productive and educated citizens that will lead our nation. I commit my passion as an educator to make sure that our children experience academic success and that our staff will serve as positive role models in achieving this collective goal.
I welcome all parents and guardians to join us in this great journey of educating our children as a united community to guide our world’s future leaders.
"Taking an interest in what students are thinking and doing is often a much more powerful form of encouragement than praise"  ~  Robert Martin