School Profile

Chester A. Moore Elementary

Chester A. Moore Elementary

Hours: 8:35 a.m. - 3:25 p.m.
Grades: PreK-5
Zone: Green
Capacity: 564
Mascot: Explorers
Colors: Teal and yellow

827 N 29th Street,
Fort Pierce, FL 34947

Phone: 772-468-5315
Fax: 772-468-5896



Principal's Message

Ucola Barrett-Baxter, Principal

Chester A. Moore Elementary School is a community of learners where adults and students share a commitment to academic excellence. The team of talented staff, promising students and parents all work together to motivate students to reach high levels of academic achievement and success. Our vision is to provide students with rigorous and engaging work in a safe environment that prepares college and career ready citizens. Opportunities are provided to students that reflect what students need to know and demonstrate in a global twenty-first century environment. As a Kids at Hope school, we believe, "All children are capable of success, no exceptions!" The administration, staff and students invite you to visit Chester A. Moore Elementary School as we "Catch the Spirit of Discovery."