Private/Home School Evaluations


Private/Home School Evaluations

Students who are placed by a parent into a private/home school setting located in our District’s jurisdiction have the opportunity to be evaluated for potential disabilities and/or giftedness at no charge to the parent (Rule 6A-06.030281). The child find process will be completed in a time period comparable to that for other students attending public schools in the district.

When a parent and/or teacher indicate a student is either showing a need for additional academic enhancement or is struggling with academics/behaviors, the private/home school entity begins the referral process by completing the initiating paperwork.

Academic/Behavior Concerns

Upon receiving the initiation paperwork for academic/behavior concerns, the PSET Coordinator will arrange a meeting with the private school and/or parent to discuss the areas of concern, explain the data needed as we proceed with the referral, and suggest interventions to be implemented during the data gathering phase. In accordance with State Board Rule 6A-6.0331 and 6A-6.03018, the private/home school entity is responsible for providing intervention and assessment of progress for students in the referral process. In the event that collaboration with private school staff or home school parent is minimal, there may not be enough evidence to support eligibility determination.

Academic Enhancement (Gifted)

Upon receiving initiation paperwork for academic enhancement, the PSET Coordinator will submit requests for screening measures to our District Nurse and Educational Diagnostician. Once completed, St. Lucie Public Schools will arrange a meeting with the parent and private school to review the screening results.

Gifted Referral – complete top 3 sections and submit to the School Counselor

In the event, consent is obtained to proceed with a formal evaluation, the PSET Coordinator will contact the private school to have the appropriate checklist completed by the student’s classroom teacher.

Speech Only Concerns

Upon receiving initiation paperwork for speech only concerns, St. Lucie Public Schools will submit a request for District Nurse to conduct Vision and Hearing screening measures. Once passed, the PSET Coordinator will forward the referral to the Program Specialist for Speech/Language.

Initiating paperwork shall be mailed to:

Private/Home School Evaluation Team (PSET)
Student Services/St. Lucie Public Schools
9461 Brandywine Lane
Port St. Lucie, FL 34986

Fax: 772-429-4528

For more information, please contact:
Stephanie Walters-Cleveland at (772) 429-4560