The Purchasing Department:

  • Supports the instructional and educational goals of St. Lucie Public Schools.
  • Provide Departments and Schools with quality, cost-effective and expedient procurement services that directly or indirectly support SLPS’s core responsibility, the students.
  • Renders services with courtesy using professional and ethical principles.

The School Board of St. Lucie County, Florida, makes every effort to maintain a good working relationship with all vendors who supply material and services to the school system, and continuously seeks the advice and counsel of vendors concerning improvement of such relationships.

Code of Ethics

  • Give first consideration to the objectives and policies of St. Lucie Public Schools.
  • Strive to obtain the maximum value for each dollar of expenditure.
  • Decline personal gifts or gratuities.
  • Grant all competitive suppliers equal consideration insofar as state or federal statute and district policy permit.
  • Conduct business with potential and current suppliers in an atmosphere of good faith, devoid of intentional misrepresentation.
  • Demand honesty in sales representation whether offered through the medium of a verbal or written statement, an advertisement, or a sample of the product.
  • Receive consent of originator of proprietary ideas and designs before using them for competitive purchasing purposes.
  • Make every reasonable effort to negotiate an equitable and mutually agreeable settlement of any controversy with a supplier; and/or be willing to submit any major controversies to arbitration or other third party review, insofar as the established policies of the School District permit.
  • Accord a prompt and courteous reception insofar as conditions permit to all who call on legitimate business missions.
  • Cooperate with trade, industrial and professional associations, and with governmental and private agencies for the purposes of promoting and developing sound business methods.
  • Foster fair, ethical and legal trade practices.
  • Counsel and cooperate with FAPPO members and promote a spirit of unity and a keen interest in professional growth among them.
Director of Financial Operations
Kim Albritton, FCCM, CPPB
Purchasing Specialist
Donna Sapp, CPPB
Purchasing Specialist
Pamela Brown
Purchasing Clerk
DeeDee Akins

Manuals and Guidelines

The information posted on this page provides financial data regarding district budgets, audits, and ongoing interim financial reporting.

If you have questions, please do not hesitate to contact our Chief Financial Officer, Michelle Thomas (772) 429-3970.

Bid Information

Open Bidding Opportunities

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Current Contracts

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Upcoming Project List

Projects anticipated to be put out for bid within the next 6 months:

  • General Contractor Services

Email purchasing@stlucieschools.org for more information on the above items, including adding you name to the broadcast list.


The products and/or services listed below or on the attached pages are believed to be of a unique or proprietary nature and therefore only available from one source.

Posting Start Date/Time Product/Service Source of Supply Posting End Date/Time

This description of products or services intended for purchase from a single/sole source is posted in accordance with Florida Administrative Rule 6A-1.012 and will remain posted for period of seven (7) business days.


The deadline for receipt of descriptive literature and detailed technical specifications is the Posting End Date/Time noted above. Descriptive literature and detailed technical specifications received after this date/time will not be considered.

Failure to file a protest within the time prescribed in Section 120.57(3) Florida Statutes shall constitute a waiver of proceedings under Chapter 120 Florida Statutes.

If you believe you have a “like” product or service to offer, please submit descriptive literature and detailed technical specifications by email to the attention of the buyer listed below. If you prefer you may mail this information to the buyer at:

St. Lucie Public Schools
Purchasing Department
9461 Brandywine Lane
Port St Lucie, FL 34986

Florida Statute 274.05 allows the District have discretion to classify as surplus any of its property, which property is not otherwise lawfully disposed of, that is obsolete or the continued use of which is uneconomical or inefficient, or which serves no useful function.Once property has been identified as surplus, the Coordinator of Business Services prepares a list of items for the Board to official “dispose” at the next regularly scheduled meeting.  After the Board approval, items are disposed of in any of the following ways:

  • Listed for sale/auction on GovDeals (GovDeals Site)
  • Recycled with approved recycling companies
  • Donated to other St Lucie County agencies, as requested

Assets MAY NOT be given/or donated by individual school sites or departments. All District property must adhere to the State law pertaining to disposal of surplus property.  Parties interested in purchasing surplus property should check the GovDeal site (link provided above).

Property Records:

Hours: 8:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. – Monday – Friday
(772) 429 – 3971

9461 Brandywine Lane
Port St Lucie, FL 34986

327 NW Commerce Park Drive
Port St Lucie, FL 34986

Director of Financial Operations
Kim Albritton, FCCM, CPPB
Property Control Specialist
Shannon Dunbar

Payment Inquires

Payments for purchase orders will be made by the Accounts Payable department within 45 days, from the date approved invoice is received in Accounting. Since payment cannot be made until delivery is confirmed, the vendors should obtain and retain proof of delivery in case it is needed to resolve a dispute. No payments will be issued prior to receipt and acceptance of goods and services by authorized district representatives.In order to avoid payment delays, vendors must ensure that the following procedures are followed at all times:

  • Obtain a copy of the purchase order form prior to providing goods or services;
  • Always include the purchase order number on the face of the invoice;
  • E-Mail or mail invoices for purchases directly to Accounts Payable at the following address:

St. Lucie County Public Schools
Attn: Accounts Payable
501 NW University Blvd
Port St Lucie, FL 34986

  • In order to expedite the payment process, all invoices should include as much billing detail as possible (e.g., invoice number, P.O. number, item description, unit price, quantity shipped, total price, etc.) and follow the same line item number sequence established by the purchase order; and
  • If an invoice in connection with a purchase order generated by the District is not paid within 45 days, please contact Accounts Payable at (772) 429-3985 for detailed information.
The District offers vendors three forms of payment:

  1. ePayables (utilizing the vendor’s established Merchant Account)
  2. ACH payments (direct deposit into vendor’s bank account) ACH Form
  3. Check (sent via mail)

Vendor Ethics & Lobbying

Bidders are hereby advised that they are not to lobby with any District Personnel or Board Members related to or involved with a Bid/RFP until the Administration’s recommendation for award has been posted. All oral or written inquires must be directed through the Purchasing Department.

Lobbying is defined as any action taken by an individual, firm, association, joint venture, partnership, syndicate, corporation, and all other groups who seek to influence the Governmental decision of a Board Member or District Personnel after advertisement and prior to the posted recommendation on the award of a contract.

Any bidder or any individuals that lobby on behalf of bidder during the time specified will result in rejection/disqualification of said Bid/RFP.

Vendors must adhere to the following requirements:

  • Disclose any conflicts of interest
  • Not make illegal political contributions
  • Not profit, either directly or indirectly, from the use of any secret or confidential information or data disclosed by a District employee
  • Not influence or attempt to influence any District employees to use or attempt to use his or her position to secure unwarranted privileges or advantages for the person or vendor.
  • Promptly report any illegal or unethical behavior

Transparency Florida

Transparency Florida is designed to provide a current, continually updated picture of the state’s operating budget as well as daily expenditures made by state agencies. The Florida Department of Education provides access to school district Annual Financial Reports and Summary Budgets on the Transparency Florida website.