Homebound / Hospitalized


About the Program

The Homebound/Hospitalized Program is designed for a student who has a medically diagnosed physical or mental condition which confines the student to home or hospital, and due to which, the students activities are restricted for an extended period of time. The medical diagnosis shall be made by a licensed physician. The program can provide instructional services to students in the home or hospital to encourage continuity of the students education. Students receiving medical care for an illness, injury, or mental condition which is acute or catastrophic in nature may also be eligible to participate.

The program is not designed to be an alternative to programs offered on comprehensive school campuses. It is our goal to work closely with families as well as the administrative and instructional staff at the student’s home school, to facilitate a smooth, successful transition for the student’s return.

Levels of Available Services

Full-Time Homebound/Hospitalized Services

All instructional services are through a Homebound/Hospitalized teacher in conjunction with the student’s teachers. The student is CONFINED to the hospital or home and is unable to attend school.

Intermittent Homebound/Hospitalized Services

When intermittent attendance on a comprehensive campus is medically possible, students diagnosed with an acute or catastrophic illness or injury may be eligible for services. Such services would be contingent upon reoccurrence of the student’s medical condition. When the student is unable to attend school due to the diagnosed medical condition which CONFINES the student to the home or hospital, then the student may be entitled to Homebound/Hospitalized services.


Program Specialist, Very Special Arts Coordinator
Lewis Hinton

Eligibility Criteria

Students enrolled in St. Lucie County Public Schools who meet the following criteria may be eligible for instructional services through the Homebound/Hospitalized Program:

    1. A Licensed physician must complete the Homebound/Hospitalized Referral Form.
    2. The student is expected to be CONFINED to the home at least 15 school days from the date the Homebound/Hospitalized Referral is completed by a licensed physician,
      has a chronic illness requiring extended absences throughout the school year.
    3. The student is able to participate in and benefit from an educational program in the hospital or home.
    4. A medical condition requires confinement of the student to the hospital or home.
    5. A medical condition requires restricted activities for an extended period of time to include participation in community or extra-curricular activities.
    6. The student is not currently employed.

Academic Instruction

The Homebound/Hospitalized Program offers instructional services in a variety of courses. However, some electives, foreign languages, and laboratory courses, may not be available through the program, a modification to the student’s schedule may be made.

Pre-K Level: Pre-academics and developmental skills are the focal point of instructional services while receiving Homebound/Hospitalized instruction.

Elementary Level: The five basic subjects, reading, language arts, math, science, and social studies offered at this level will be commensurate with grade level promotion requirement

Middle School Level: The four basic subjects, language arts, math, science, and social studies offered at this level will be commensurate with grade level promotion requirements.

High School Level: Every effort is made to maintain the academic schedules of high school students ensuring the student has the opportunity to earn credits for the classes in which they are enrolled.

Pregnant Students

Students with normally progressing pregnancies without medical complications are not eligible for Homebound/Hospitalized Services. These students have the opportunity to participate in St. Lucie County’s teenage parent program located at Anglewood Center.

The Lucie Adolescent Parenting Program (LAPP)
(772) 468-5215


The Homebound/Hospitalized Referral forms are available from the Exceptional Student Education District Office, School Guidance Counselors, or the form can be downloaded here:

There is no waiting period to initiate the process, and the processing beings upon notice that a child may be absent for 15 days or more. Submission of a Homebound/Hospitalized Referral does not guarantee acceptance into the program. Eligibility status is determined during an Eligibility Determination meeting. Parents must participate in the eligibility determination staffing. If the students is found eligible parental consent must be obtained before Homebound/Hospitalized Services are initiated. Homebound/Hospitalized teacher may not provide instructional service to the student outside the presence of the parent or guardian.