Assessment / Accountability


About Us

The Assessment & Accountability department supports our school centers and other district departments in our unified drive towards quality instruction and  improved student achievement, in order to attain our district mission, vision and goals.

Assessment & Accountability manages the preparation, implementation, administration, and evaluation of all state and local District-wide assessment programs.  This includes training, materials, logistics, administration, school support, reporting, analysis, and interpretation of results.


  • FSA: ELA & Math; Algebra 1 EOC & Geometry EOC
  • NGSSS: Science Grades 5 & 8; Biology 1, Civics, US History EOCs
  • FSAA: ELA & Math; ALL EOCs
  • District Unit Assessments
  • Stanford 10 (for Grade 3)
  • IPT
  • Access for ELLs
  • Alternate Access for ELLs

Assessments managed by Office of Teaching and Learning or the individual school:



  • School Grades
  • Graduation Rates
  • Data Analysis of Assessment Results

Our Staff

Director of Assessment and Accountability
Darrell Canamas
Program Manager – Formative Assessments
Charles Hatherill
Coordinator of Assessment
Melanie Gorman
Coordinator of Accountability
Dr. Peter L. Zsiga
Assessment Warehouse Operator
Jim Lancaster
Office Manager
Joann Aguila